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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My poor baby boy

Luke has been unwell for the past 2 weeks. Since starting daycare 8 weeks ago, he has picked up every bug going around! Last night he really scared us. The poor baby, he was gasping for breath and really rattly in the chest. So Off we trotted to the hospital at wee hours of the morning. Lucky for us...They got us in straight away. They checked him over and he had a chest x-ray. All seemed to be clear, Thankyou God!! His breathing had really settled down by the time they sent us home and told us to come back if his breathing worsened.
Little monkey is running around as usual today, you would never think he was sick. We will monitor him again tonight as the air gets colder.

Not alot of scrapping getting done this week. Above is one I did on Monday with my class with Ang. Julie, Steven and the kids all come up on the weekend, so exciting!!! Really looking forward to meeting them all face to face. I will give you a sneek peek in the painting in the diningroom....almost to have the lounge done by the time Julie and Steven get here on Sunday morning....did you say you are setting the challenge?? Ok you're on!!

Probably looks Yuck to you....Chocolate brown and caramel fudge.....But it looks really striking and once all the furniture is back in place I will take full room pics....

I am teaching another canvas class tonight, so this should be fun.

Have a great day


Saturday, August 26, 2006

A quick catch up....

It has been a few day since my last blog.

Thursday night I went to Michelle's place to play. I actually achieved something. I wanted to play with some of the new chatterbox range....So I scrapped 2 photos's of Michelle and her sister, Kerry.
I spent nearly all day infront of the computer trying to get the silly newsletter out!!! Sorry is coming!!
I have to run and have a look at DEB and NEILS wedding....
BIG CONGRATS to you both!!!
Will finish my blog when i get back!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We are proud to present to you
The Embellished Design Team
Congratulations Girls, your work is fantastic!

We look forward to working with you!!

A BIG embellished Thankyou to all of you who entered out DT call. You will see some familiar faces featured as our Guest artists over the coming months.

I will leave you with this layout I did last night, was going to use it for my For Keeps entry...but I put it on the gallery so it is too late...oopps....I will get started on that soon!

Okay Bye for now,

Take care of yourself and each other....

Ali x x

Monday, August 21, 2006

11 Days to go!!!

Well It is only 11 days to go and I get to meet the fantastic and very talented Julie Heard & her adorable family. They are coming up to stay for almost a week and I cannot wait!!!
Julie & I have been good friends since January and talk at least 2 times a day on messenger and on the Embellished site also. She was one of the people who kept me going when I was still in Newcastle and Glenn was already up here in Rocky. Some people have the attitude that cyber friends are not real....WEll that is CRAP!! Since moving to Rockhampton, I have really learned who my friends are....those who have been really close to me for years have made NO effort to contact me, email me...anything...sad really...... But Julie on the other hand is always doesn't matter where I live it makes no difference to her (except 17 hrs extra driving to come and
So thanks JULIE & Steven, You both are great friends and we are SO looking forward to seeing you!!!
This is a layout that I got 95% finished in the one hour challenge....YES this was the first time i didn't meet the time deadline!!! Anthea inspired me to stitch my title....I have realised stitched titles are NOT for one hour challenges!!
I finished the journalling while watching TV last night....and above is the finished product!!
Have a great day
& remember
'Life is what YOU make of it'
Ali x x x

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Quick hello

Ok where do I start....
We went to the Lifestyle and Craft show here in Rockhampton yesterday. ...VERY dissapointed. It was very small....and had a whole 8 craft stalls. Embellished might just have to rock the socks off it next year....
Came home and had a restful afternoon. Luke and Glenn had an afternoon sleep....
Someone very close to me said some very hurtful things to me on Friday night....It was going over and over in my head.....I needed to release some of the anger....I scrapped a page (sorry this one is a private one) looks angry & very black....But I felt so much better afterwards.

Glenn went out to a bucks poker night at one of our new friends house.....I had the house to myself...(okay Luke was here but asleep)...Got a phonecall at 10.30 from Ang (AngC) to see if she could come over for a while, as the bucks night was still going at her place. We didn't scrap, but had a good chat...Really enjoyed the company Ang, so THANKS!!

I did do 2 layouts earlier in the night and here they are above.

Have yourself a great Sunday and chat again soon
Ali x x

Friday, August 18, 2006

it's the weekend YAY!!!

Luke had himself another restless nights sleep last night. He and i ended up on the lounge again at 4am....bad habit....Once Luke and Glenn left for daycare and work this morning I went back to sleep....until 12:15pm....oooppss...I was just SOOOO tired. Little man hasn't been sleeping the best over the last few weeks...I know all part of being a parent, but it doesn't exempt you from feeling tired...
Achieved almost nothing all day, honestly didn't feel too bad about it though. too tired to care. Julie set me a 1 hr challenge....I did it in less than 40 mins and here it is.....

Well I really need to go to bed....We are going to the Rockhampton lifestyle and craft show tomorrow, so that should be a bit of fun.
Chat a bit later

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Funky Chic.....

My day off yesterday was not my day off in the end. I got a phonecall from Luke's daycare asking me to pick him up from care as he has a 'ringworm'......a What??? We don't have any cats, our dog doesn't have any ringworms.......I did some research on the net and it turns out you can get them from farm animals....Luke's Daycare had a petting zoo full of farm animals about 10 days ago....I am guessing that is where he has got it from. We had some cream at home that could be used for the treatment of ringworm...So I have been putting that on and keeping it covered. Hopefully it will go away soon......
So no scrapping was achieved yesterday....but i did get into it while watching 'All Saints' last night. I took this picture of Luke yesterday afternoon. Kept his eyes blue (as i signature thing) and turned the rest B & W. It reminds me of an old photo that has been hand painted....not sure why, but it does. I love the blues and blacks together, reminds me of funky chic or something like that..... Like he should be sitting in a diner in the 50's.... Anyway I had heaps of fun just sewing and sewing.....Love the sewn blue paper on the layout. You can judge for yourself.
I have a tonne of housework to do.....maybe
Chat soon

Sunday, August 13, 2006

What a weekend!!!

One of the bad things about this time of year is that there are so many bugs and viruses and germs going around that everyone gets sick. I am feeling so much better the last 2 days. Luke has only gotten worse. We had 2 really bad nights with him on Thursday and Friday. I ended up on the lounge with him at all hours of the night.
Sorry to the girls at EMBELLISHED, that I couldn't be a part of the Cyber Crop...Luke was just too sick.
Here are two layouts that I have done over the last couple of days. The one titled '{Innocent} until proven guilty' is one of my favs.

Well I have so much washing to do and still have to clean the scraproom up...what a mission....Chat soon


Friday, August 11, 2006

Very very tired

Luke had a terrible night last night. He tossed and turned and cried and cried......
At 3 am and after a couple of hours, both he and I moved out to the loungeroom and slept on the lounge....just to give Glenn some sleep. Unfortunately for me....when the sun was up, so was LUKE!!! So I am operating on 3 hrs sleep....
Here is a layout i did last night. Took the pic yesterday when Luke was not well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poor sick baby AGAIN....

I feel terrible...Both Glenn and I have been sick and now Luke has got it....I know he probably caught it from us and I feel horrible.
He did a HUGE chuck today (I know TMI)...but is settling down a little now. He was just so upset, nothing i could do would help settle him at all.....He is laying up on the lounge, with his pillow, bedtime froggie and his blanky...and watching ABC.....What more could a 1 year old want?
Here is a pic I took a little earlier. Well I had everything ready to send out for one of the challenges, but unfortunately didn't get to the post office, as Luke is sick....
Will see how he is tomorrow...If well enough I will have the whole day to get organised he will be at daycare. If not then I will play good mummy and look after my sick bubba.

I have so much planned for Embellished at the moment and just cannot seem to find the time to do it.....I think i still need to organise my days better......

Well I will blog again tomorrow
For now

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

3 in ONE day

Above: Week #16 Challenge @ Embellished

{ONE} Hour Challenge @ Embellished
Scrap @ Home for Embellished Gallery
{Three} in one Day, huh?
I was on a roll yesterday. I was childfree and on my own....
After feeling unwell and i have been so busy over the last few weeks, I really craved some 'ME' time. I did the first layout in approximately 30mins for Nicoles week #16 challenge @ Embellished....They are so my colours scheme....Very calmin, them!!
The second one i did in under 30 mins for our {One} Hour challenge @ Embellished
loving those flowers...Glenn has told me not to go overboard with them...i have done 3 layouts in 2 days using them, So I will give them a rest for a while.... New pic of my sister and her family.
The third one I scrapped in front of the TV last night while watching ALL SAINTS. Took this pic on Saturday in the backyard. Luke was mezmorized by the moon in the sky...he would walk around looking up and then fall over because he wasn't concentrating on where he was going....kind of funny to watch. Glenn chose the titel for the layout and what better paper to use than clouds...I haven't used photographed scenery paper in so long.....But i think it all worked well and came together in the end.
Going to start Painting the dining room tonight, Hopefully. Chocolate brown with white trims and picture rails...and a lighter beige above the picture rail...yummo!! Is going to look really nice...We have new gorgeous cushions on the lounge and it is going to work perfectly......Now just to get it painted..I figure if i can undercoat the architraves tonight and then give them a gloss coat or two tomorrow....then come friday(my next childfree day) I will be able to paint the walls and finish the room....then to move onto the loungeroom......
Ok...that will do for now
Have a great day and remember
'Life is what YOU make of it'

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Still under the weather....

Well Where do I start......

Sunday I still wasn't feeling well enough to go up to Yeppoon. Glenn was feeling pretty ordinary also. We decided just to go up the road to the Botanic Gardens just up the road here. Luke loves being outside eve if he is strapped into a stroller for most of the time. We took some nice pics...then came home after about 2 hrs. Glenn slept from lunchtime until almost 6pm...not very well. He woke up yesterday and called in sick...still really unwell...he rested and slept most of the day. Feeling a little better this morning and going to work.
Had a class last night and by lunchtime I still didn't have a sample done....really running least Glenn could watch Luke while he was laying on the lounge for me. I decided to have a go at Julie's paper flowers on a layout. I am so happy with the result...very fresh...and not too feminine.
Slept like a log last night got up once for a choking ang coughing fit...but needed to clear my nose...Really still quite full up in that respect.
It sounds terrible...but.....Luke wan't awake at 6.30...I ran in to check on him (as for the last 2 weeks has been waking at worried) he had his pillow over his head.....I started to panic...lifted it off...and the little angel just opened his eyes and looked at me and greeted me with his jibber jabber........phew.....

Ok will chat a bit later.... Could go and crawl back into bed as Luke is at daycare and Glenn has left for work......maybe i might just do that...


Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Rose

I took this picture yesterday afternoon. Our neighbour at the back, Clarry who is 94 Has a well kept garden and this is one of his Roses. I love how it is in focus and the light can be seen through the petals....gorgeous! Love this camera, have I mentioned that already?

Silhouette Layouts???

{Silhouette Challenge}
Julie set a challenge last night. She wanted me to do a 'Silhoutte' Layout....What the heck is that, I thought????
We went onto the freestyle Blog and had a bit of a look...Honestly this was not my kind of scrapping. I did it to think 'Outside the Square'. In the end I did have lots of fun doing it. Cutiing around photos...still not sure about that bit.....hhmmm......
Thanks for a great Challenge Julie!!! Here is the finished product.
{Plans for Today}
Now that I have my new camera (Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Glenn, I LOVE it) I really wanted to head up to Yeppoon and Kinka Beach and have a look at the place that we may be holding the retreat in April Next Year. Really just want to get it all finalised. The last few days I have not been well & last night I felt the worst. Luke woke me at 6.30...So I decided to get up and get moving...try to clear the sinuses....I feel much better for being awake now. Luke has just gone down for his morning nap, So If I still feel this good when he wakes...We will head up there for the day!! Glenn really wants to find a 'Dog Friendly' Beach, so that we can take Paddy with us and take some "FAMILY" pics.
Have a great Sunday,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

No more Curls......:(

Today we finally took the plunge and had luke's hair cut. It was getting way too long. The bad thing is, he has no Curls!!!! I love his curls.
Really have not been feeling well the last couple of days. Coming down with a throat infection and a bit of a cold too. Feel like I need to sleep for a whole day....Like that is possible witha 1 year old.!!!
Here is a Layout I did of Nicholas~ Julie's Son....just wanted to use the new Kit that will be released very soon!
Hope you are all well....Chat soon

Friday, August 04, 2006

WOW what a week!!!

YAY!!! It is Friday & what a week.
We had the Sale last Saturday night....Classes on Monday and Thurday night....I just feel like i haven't stopped all week.
{Good News}
I had 3 Layouts accepted this week. 1 for Scrapbooking Memories and 2 for Scrapbook Creations.Scrapbook creations also told me that I will be the 'Artist in the spotlight' for issue 38 WOOHOO!!! Julie will be the 'Artist in the Spotlight for Issue 37, so great news all round!
{Fantastic News}
Yesterday just after lunch I got a call from Andy at the Good Guys who told me that my gorgeous CANON 350D was in stock......Glenn went straight over after work and picked it up for me. I had a class last night, so I didn't get to have a play until after .....Was up very early with a certain took some pics of him too....Here is my special boy!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another beautiful day in Sunny QLD

Good morning all,
What a wonderful day!! The birds are singing and the sun is shining and it is a warm 21.3 Degrees. The weather is trueley gorgeous up enough to wear a t-shirt...yep t-shirts in the middle of winter!!! IT is colder in the mornings but the weather is just like warm spring days.....I love it it it!!!
Well the sale was a success....Just need to top up of all the things we are out of....we will be getting all the new goodies from CHA very soon.
Julie and I did a photo swap last night...just for a bit of fun. She scrapped Luke and I scrapped Maddy. Here is the link to what Julie came up with....and can I just say she is AMAZING!!! It looks fantastic!! So have a Squizz at this:
and above is what I came up with too. Don't get to do girlie layouts very this was lots of fun!!
On another note....Glenn bought me my Canon EOS 350D....WE went out on Sunday and bought it, but i have to wait until it comes in....all sold out!!! YAY!!! I certainly have the bestest hubby in the whole world!!! Thankyou GLENN!!!