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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sneek peek for you...

Well I haven't scrapped since Sunday & I am hanging for it!! I just couldn't be bothered tonight....I have however been working on some special projects for the site.....
The pics below are a sneek peek of what is just around the corner at Embellished.

{Tomorrow is my peace day....Luke goes to daycare Thursdays and Friday...really gives me a chance to do housework and also time to scrap and do other things that need doing!

{ We were offline yesterday, the power supply went in the computer first thing in the morning...Glenn found it quite amusing and was wondering how I could breathe and survive without it..I got HEAPs done..... I totally cleaned and changed our room around.....and I am talking SPRING cleaning...redoigndraws of clothes, unpacking the last three boxes of clothes......
I have moved Luke's cot into our room. Steven (Julie's hubby) is having Luke's room, so I thought it be beter to get him settled and sleeping well in our room first. I moved Luke's room around and set it out better for Steven....So I did do lots....I still have mountains of washing to do, but when don't I??
{Starting to get very tired, so I might hit the hay!

Have a great night and will catch up soon....

Monday, September 25, 2006

A fresh start to a new week

The fresh start to the new week.....
We had a pretty basic weekend. Glenn spent alot of time in the yard...I even helped mow yesterday was like 31 degrees here....My face was SO red after I had finished.

Luke woke up this morning coughing and coughing until he threw up it was a bath for him and all our bed sheets at 6.30 this morning. He is peacefully sleeping now...and it is bliss!!

Life is about to change for us for a few months. Steven (julie's Hubby) is coming to live with us for 3-4 months, while she finalised things down south and then moves her and the kids up during the Christmas school holidays! I am SO excited...I cannot wait to be able to scrap with such a talented chicky like Julie!!!

Here is my latest!
Have a great day

Saturday, September 23, 2006

To be Thankful.....

These last couple of weeks have really got me thinking. We really do worry about petty little things and get all caught up in them. How much time are we spending with family? Do we take the little things for granted? How often do we just go for a walk and appreciate the outdoors and God's creation?

I will just leave that with you to think and ponder about!

Here is a layout I did last night, I put the challenge up on the Embellished Forum to 'Start with a number'.
This is also the first hint towards {ROUND TWO} of Embellished Idol....however do not just rush in...there is another BIG clue coming......SOON

Have a fantastic Day wherever you are. Look forward to catching up again soon
Ali x x

Friday, September 22, 2006

Another busy week...

I have hardly had time to scrap this week. I set a challenge to Embellished members on Tuesday night. This challenge was inspired by Elsie Flannigan~Thanks Elsie!!!
To either use a very large photo (the length or width of the page) or to try a journaling style that you haven't done before. Well I did both and it was so much fun! I had this picture of Glenn that was very natural and I have been wanting to do something for a while! Here is the pic!

The entries for Embellished Idol are flooding in already and they look amazing!!! Well done girls, this is going to be so much fun!! We have a bit of a surprise install for you for round two and I will reveal those in the coming days. There will be a theme for Round 2 ~ and with the loss of some Aussie icons and also family members I have decided sometimes we need to sit back and really think about what is important to us.....that is all the hints I am giving today!

I have started the 9x9 Album class this week and taught my second lot of girls last night! It was a hoot. We had so much fun!! The girls amazingly finished 2 layouts for their albums and they look fantastic! Normally we all talk too much and we don't get alot done, but they were very keen and excited.

My license has expired and I REALLY need to go and sort that out today at some stage! The worst bit about living in QLD is that Queensland transport are not even open on a Saturday! So everything has to be done within the week.....but other than that little gripe, I LOVEit up here and I am so happy we moved! LIFE IS PERFECT!!

On another good note, I recieved an email from Scrapbook Creations yesterday askign me to do a little article for 'My Space' feature which they do now and again! They had stumbled across one of my layouts and decided to contact me! This was the little boost I needed!

Well I think that is enough jibbering for now.

Have yourself a GREAT weekend and look forward to catching up soon

Ali x x

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fresh start to the week....

Life is really good this week. I think when you face some troubles and hurdles in life it makes you appreciate those who love and support you. My problems over the last week are so small compared to those around us who are facing tragedy and suffering.

Taught the first class doing the 9x9 Heidi Swapp mini album last night...Although not alot of scrapping done, we had a great time. This is an 8 week class series that i am doing and it is going to be so good. I am doing my Wedding album with the girls in the class, so it will be nice to scrap something other than Luke for a change.....Love scrapping Luke...but wedding photos need doing

Little Man is pretty much back on the mend...his appetitie is much better than the last few weeks and he is funny and brighter again.

{{Idol has started ....This is going to be so much fun.....And the best bit is I do not have to judge it!!! I get to vote like everyone else and it is still fair for all....Really needed the stress of judging comps disappear for a little while after all the mix-ups last week. Some of the girls have already finished layouts for round 1....and it really only started yesterday, WAY TO GO GIRLS!!
We will be eliminating around 10 from the first round of judging...however just remember this is for a bit of fun, nothing personal if you are is the rules of the game that some will be eliminated to dwindle the numbers down until we have a winner....

Chat again soon

& Remember...somethings are just so trivial and not worth getting upset about....Life is too short, so enjoy it!!

Ali x x

Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is going to be SOOOO Much fun!!!
Go to Embellished to Register. All Registrations must be in by Midnight Sunday!!
***First Challenge will be posted on Monday***
Any of you who are going away for school holidays, we will be giving notice in advance for the upcoming challenges to give you a bit of extra time!!
Things have finally settled down after an upsetting week. But I am feeling great today and I couldn't be more excited about what is happening at Embellished in the coming months!
Thankyou to all of you who helped me get back on top of things over the past few days with your lovely comments and support. I really have learned who my friends are and I do appreciate you all, So THANKYOU!!!
Here is a couple of recent layouts I have done...
Thanks for looking
Have a great day!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time to straighten it out.....

There have been a couple of issues with some members of Embellished. There are alot of versions going around that are not true. There were communication breakdowns and it has been blown out of proportion. I refuse to get into details, as I think that is not moral or ethical....however remember there is 2 sides to every story and you are only getting one side. There have been swearing,abusive and horrible things said to me, that of couse go unmentioned on other versions of this situation.
To think that part of the problem to start with was who we chose for our Design Team,and me not having enough time to comment on everyone's layouts in the gallery. I apologise for this as we have been extremely busy and the day just gets away from me....
I do not have to justify why we chose who we did for the DT...Each and every designer we chose offers a different and unique style who are always able to try new ideas. They have shown they play an active role on the website both in the forum and gallery.
I hope this may have cleared some grey patches up for you. I never wanted for it to go this far and I didn't want to have to post anything on my blog, unfortunately my name is being mentioned and too many lies are being told. This is slanderous and if it doesn't stop I will be left with no option but to seek legal advise. At no time were individuals named , however my name is being posted publically.
Sorry to have to mention all this.

So Sweet!!!

You know when someone does something random to brighten your day & it is just what you needed to keep you going?
Well I was kinda Raked today, but not in the usual paper/scrapbooking sense.
Look what was outside the back door when Glenn left to go back to work after lunch.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou !!!!!


They are just beautiful and put a smile on my face as soon as I saw them.

Being a florist I never get flowers...and this was really special, So thanks heaps are great!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!!

Well it appears this week is a week of catch up, tying up all the loose ends. All of you who have waited patiently for prizes and the smaller bonus prizes from cyber crops....your gifts are in the mail as we speak. They should be to you in the coming days. That was a huge weight off my shoulders.
I am hoping that Luke is at the end of his illness. The poor kiddo has now got conjunctivitis....but we have started him on drops and hopefully...he will be well after this...fingers crossed!
I was finding it really hard to sleep last night and stayed up quite late.

Okay on a lighter note.....We have something exciting coming to Embellished....details will be revealed in the coming days.

Here is a couple of layouts completed in the last few days...oh Anthea...I will work on the photo you sent me tonight....I have it printed and ready to go!!

Have a great day
Ali x x

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a BIG Week!!!

Julie and Steven arrived here last Saturday. It was so exciting as this was the first time that Julie and I had met face-to-face. It is really strange, I felt like we have known each other for years and years. We all got along so well. They left here this morning on their BIG trip back to Shepparton, Victoria. It was a bit sad...knowing that the next time I will see her will be the retreat in April next year......We had so much fun, I really didn't want her to leave!
The week was full of excitement and we were constantly busy. Lukey had been so sick all last weekend , and hospitalised 3 times in 6 days, poor baby. He was on the mend as of Tuesday and started to get back to his normal self (as normal as that can be).
Tuesday we headed up to Yeppoon for the day. Glenn was working so it was the Heardy's and Luke and me.
Thursday Night
We had a 'Meet the Design Team' here at our place. It was so much fun to have some of my students and the 3 members of the DT here.We made some cute quick make and take items....chatted, ate cake...Tim Tams and drank Wine and some just coffee. I know I had a ball girls, I hope you all did!Below is a pic of the Design Team
From Left: Nicole Rayner, Me, Julie Heard & Micaela Kirchin

Friday we went to Great Keppel Island. We had a great time. It is gorgeous! The aqua crystal clear waters and white sand....just a beautiful site! The Island was a bit dissapointing, as a day visitor. Unless you were staying at the resort , the activities were very expensive....and as for 8 of just wasn't possible. The kids had fun playing on the beach.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

What a weekend!!!

I am not sure I know where to start......

Took Luke to the Dr's. Dr prescribed some antibiotics for Lukey....So started them straight away. Cleaned the house awaiting the arrival of Julie, Steven and the kids.
Julie and Steven & Co. Arrive at about 11am...I am sure they flew from Shepparton as they drove straight through, No overnight approximately 24 hrs...WOW...CRAZY people!!!
Had a reasonably restful day ...As it was pouring down with rain....cleared in the enough time for the kids to have a play outside andrelease some energy.

Saturday night
Kids in bed and Julie and I finally sit down ...flicking through her albums......gearing up to scrap. Luke had been unwell most of the day and I was treating fevers yet again with panadol and the antibiotics prescribed by the DR. Come about 8pm he was 38.7......stripped him off and we checked approximately an hour or so later to find his temp was 39.3....WAY TOO HIGH.....Hospital time again!!
We arrive at Rocky base hospital.....and we get seen straight away (which is always a bonus in A & E). Luke's temp is now 40.2....Nurses and Dr's are startignt o get very concerned as His chest , Ears and throat all appear clear...Time for some more tests!
That poor baby BOY.....They canulated him...he screamed and screamed...and I couldn't help but cry....Glenn too. They took some bloods and attached a bag to try and get a urine sample......
After Neurofen and about 4 hours...the temp dropped right off.... Now to await the blood test results...In the meantime he developed a rash on his face and neck....I personally thought it was from all the pressure of screaming while being that is when i noticed it....just after.... This now became a concern for the Dr's as they were not sure if it was meningacocil or not.
Bloods came back to await this child doing a wee for them.....waited....waited....waited and kept waiting..... Lovely Dr Roy gave him an iceblock and some water to try to get it happening......They were so busy, they needed our bed, so we were sent to the consult room to wait for Luke to do his business...Finally after over 5 hrs of waiting for a urine sample....he did it!!! YAY for Lukey!!!
Test results came back and showed everything was fine.... It is so frustrating even for the Dr's as they can see he was sick...but could not diagnose anything.......So they sent us home again....with instructions that is the temp returns to get straight up there again. We got home at 2.30am and slept and slept...until woken by a certain mother of mine...thanks Mum.... But Luke had a good rest, so that was the main thing.

Sunday~AKA Father's Day
Woke up to the phonecall fromMum at around 8.30.....
Wished Glenn a happy Fathers Day at approximately 9.30 when he woke up. Luke was really tired still and unsettled. We waited for him to have another sleep, but wouldn't. He was just not happy! Julie, Steven, Glenn and I packed all the kiddos up and headed upto the botanic Gardens for a picnic Lunch and to visit the Zoo....
We had a great time....She is so cool!! Even better in real life!! I am so glad we have met! Thanks Julie!!
Here are some pics of out trip today....
Off to Sizzler shortly for father's day dinner