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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How many 1 year olds get to hold a crocodile??

We have had a great day today. Glenn's Dad, Ted is up on a weeks holiday. Today Luke and I took him to The Crocodile farm near Emu Park. It was really interesting knowing about those savage beasts.....However, Like any parent the only reason they attack humans is to protect their eggs or young....Heck...Wouldn't we all do the same???
Luke got to hold a small Croc, he was fascinated by them. Below is a pic of Lukey Dukey and the crocodile & also a layout that i did this morning.

Friday, May 26, 2006

It is so cold here in the mornings....

My Mum and Dad live in the Southern Tablelands of NSW....they are an hour from the snow fileds of Cooma. It gets really cold there most of the year. I have been telling mum that is has been cold here in the mornings and at night...her reply is " You don't know what cold is there, what is it 15 degrees...hahahah".
Well Mother I checked the temperature here and there last night at 21:30.....It was 8 degrees here and 9.8 Degrees there.....
This morning at 7am I checked again it was 4 Degrees here and 2.8 Degrees there.....Sydney and Newcastle were warmer than us at 10 & 10.8 Degrees at 7am. So there you have it...We are cold too in the mornings but we are lucky to warm up to around 23 Degrees during the Day.......So Mum, It does get cold here.
Luke ended up in our bed again last night around 3.30am. He was good though slept thru until 6.30am.
Will Blog later when i have more to say.....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What day is it??

Isn't it bad....I cannot keep track of the it Wednesday or Thursday....??? All the days just seem to blend together.
Luke woke up about 3.30am today...and just wouldn't settle back to sleep. He has a very tired Daddy who looks like a bit of a zombie going to work today...Poor Glenn!!
Finally got the banner up on last night. Had a few problems with PayPal.....all fixed now.
What is in my plans for today. Well I think I will finish the BIG Scrap studio Cleanup.....Glenn may be able to put my class table together over the next couple of nights.....will finish painting the last door (we re-did one of them) and the shelves......might even try and get them up on my own, to take a bit of pressure off Glenn.
Did a layout last night for 2 of the challenges we have at Embellished. One was a colour challenge and the other a theme challenge for Autumn. Everyone else is experiencing leaves falling off the tress...but we still have tropical weather up here. It is cold in the mornings...7.9 Degrees and warms up during the day. We have beautiful tropical plants up here all year round.....I LOVE IT !!! I also did another Layout for the member's Album. This one was for Rose.
Well Done to Julie!!! Today is day 4 of not smoking......!!! YAY!!! Doing well and getting closer to that Canon 350D.
Sorry have gone a little hyperlink mad....have just figured it all out....
Okay will chat soon

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just so BLESSED.......

I have been watching Oprah this afternoon. Not something I do often these days. And she has given 65 Families who lost everything in Hurrcane Katrina NEW homes.....
Those families have been through Hell and more...over the the past 6 months.
I am sitting here just crying ....We are so fortunate to be in the country that we live in. We whinge and gripe about the smallest issues and problems....there are always others out there who are much and Far worse off than us.
So I take this opportunity to challenge you. Do you appreciate those in your life? Do you take for granted the luxuries that we have? Have you told those who are closest to you that you love them lately? You never know when your number is up...When the future is stolen from you.
Appreciate life and what you have....appreciate those in your life.....
WE are just so BLESSED.....

Time to do more work Tuesday...

Well I have decided to make a roster if you like or a routine to help structure my day. I am finding that time on the computer is dominating alot of daily chores. Okay yeah sure, We run a web based business. But I do not need to be on here ALL day. Luke is the only one around here that has a great routine. Which helps as i can base my day around his sleeps, playtime, feeds etc.

Luke was such a good boy....Didn't make a noise this morning. It is only that i had a bad dream that i woke up at 7am to check on him, he was laying in his bed awake, but quiet..... Good Boy!!

Glenn is really had a great start to his working week. Lots of promising tasks at hand. I could tell he had a great day at work yesterday, He came home in an amazingly happy mood. I hope that all his work days are like yesterday!

Ok....need to start this roster.....


Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Monday already.....

I had the laziest weekend...yeah sure I was and cleaned the car inside and out.....undercoated some more shelves for the scraproom....but other than that I did not much at all.....
Yesterday both Glenn and I had a headache ALL day....his eased off abit towards the night, but mine was there until i fell asleep. My neck and shoulders are really sore at the moment and I think that is where my headaches are stemming from.
I am feeling much better this morning, just have a really sore shoulder. I am guessing that sitting here at the computer all day does not help either. I might try to avoid being on here so much some housework, washing...ect...etc......ALL those things I should have done on the weekend but didn't........

Well Luke is almost ready for a morning sleep...I took some pics of my boys is a couple of pics.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our Little Star

Last night I sat down and scrapped...which feels like it has been ages since my last scrap...only a few days really.
Have started my album entry for the Chatterbox Make it meaningful Competition....but i am not allowed to show you, conditions of the competition.It is a very original idea...thanks to Glenn who helped me with the ideas. Wish me would be great to win $5000 CASH. Imagine all the new stock i could buy for the make it into the top 25 would be great.
Glenn is sleeping in this morning. It is his turn....Luke should be going down very soon for his morning nap. Well might blog again througout the day sometime...oh and I did wash the car, cleaned it inside and out and it is shining....hasn't rained yet!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Should I wash the car??

What a great Day. Glenn and Luke let me sleep in until 10.45 this morning. I felt so bad....but my body must really need it. Tried my hardest to do a photo shoot of Luke this morning....What a Mission!!! That kids won't sit still when you want him to and does when you don't.....
He is so adorable.....He is always so cheeky and is becoming quite humorous.
I have cleaned Lukes room out....Where are all those missing Dummies?? I still cannot find any....We had 9 and I am down to 1......I am sure we will find them soon...he is probably hiding them somewhere, but where?
Well here are some pics of my little man...kinda have played with the contrast and the colour a fair bit...but i am happy with the effect i got.
Now on the washing of the car business....I am keen to wash it this afternoon, just as soon as I know Luke is sound asleep.....but I can smell rain......there are blue skies outside...but big dark clouds.....Why is it, that when you wash the car it rains??

Leave you with that....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Day.....

Yay it is Friday..
Not that it should mean so much to a SAHM.But it does, it means I have DH Glenn home all weekend.
We have a bit to do...We have to rip all the post from the previous fence out of the ground...that should be fun...NOT! Dad is coming up to build a new fence with Glenn in two weeks.
Started Sketch challenges on the site last night. Should hopefully get a few new faces there each month.Below is my interpretation of the sketch. My chatterbox papers arrived today, so I can start my entry for the make it meaningful Album competition.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Layout finished for the Members Album....

I have really been wanting to do a layout for Lorrie for days. but the mess in the studio has prevented me from doing anything. I finally did a big clean yesterday, not entirely finished....But i do have a bench under all that stuff....LOL.
Just cannot wait to get the doors on my cupboards....i really hate seeing mess least when the doors are shut it looks tidy.
Okay here are the layouts I have done so far for the Members gallery.
Oh Glenn and I worked on a new page of the site last night...have a look...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another day....

Good morning all,

I am a bit excited this morning and those who read this will be the only ones to know until I announce it on

I received an email from Heidi Swapp this morning....and She is going to be our feature in scrapchat in 60 seconds YAY YAY YAY!!!

I have a few things I have to tie up with her marketing manager, but it looks like it is all going ahead. I have been trying to organise this surprise for the girls for over a month now. I have now learned go straight to Heidi herself, she at least reads her emails.Ok....I really want to scrap at some point today.....that is going to be my goal. I really want to do Lorrie's Layout. The scrap studio has been in such a shambles for days...need to finish tidying up and just SCRAP!
Will update of any further news throughour the day.


Your Power Color Is Blue

Relationships and feelngs are the most important things to you.
You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.
If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.
You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Something achieved.....

Well Glenn and I felt that we had a pretty lazy weekend. Although when we discussed what we had done....somethings were achieved.
Glenn cracked a problem that he has been having with the website for months.... It is really starting to look great. He has decided that he would like to do a Web-design course at TAFE to better his skills and maybe start to do it professionally. We are still looking into this.
I pulled a thorn out of my side. The scraproom needed the painting finished and I had been putting it off....I just decided to get stuck into it. Well All the walls are blue and that part is finished....Just the skirtings and the architraves to paint white....might do that tonight. Glenn put some more pegboard up for me yesterday, So I started to fill with product last night....I have run out of hooks!! Will have to get some today.....We will be putting more paper racks below the pegboard and some shlving in between the pegboard sections. The scraproom as a whole is a shambles at the moment....I cannot wait to get the doors on the benches. I have undercoated them, will put some gloss paint on them today, so Glenn can get them on for me over the next couple of nights...Then I will clean it all up and take a pic of the whole room.

A Lovely Mothers Day

Well I had a wonderful (second) Mothers Day.
We woke up around 7 ish...played with Luke in bed for a while...
We headed down to Cafe 98 on the river for breakfast. It was lovely, and just may become our regular place for Mothers day breaky.
I really wanted to go to church, so following breakfast we went to Rockhampton Baptist.
After church we went to Rockhampton Historical village for the was ok...typical market stalls.....alot of crap!
It was just nice to get out of the house....and get about with my boys.
So thanks Glenn and Lukey for a great Day.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A sigh of relief....

It is safe....We are NOT pregnant again!!! Not ready for that quite yet....end of the year maybe.
Not sure why I have been sick the last few days....but it is not cause by morning sickness.
Little Prince charming woke us up at 6am...Well me anyway.
YAY Tomorrow is sleep-in day for me....I cannot wait!
We bought a frypan yesterday....So I can cook again.....seen as though we are still awaiting how much the oven is going to cost to repair after the fire....not sure whether insurance will repair or replace it. I have posted a pic, this is what it looked like after the fire.

Have bought a childs chipboard going to have a go at altering it, maybe do it for my circle journal SWAP...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My new cushions ARRIVED....YAY!!!

As soon as I moved up here, glenn and I went to EVERYDAY LIVING (my fav store) and ordered some new cushions for the lounge. In Newcastle we had a very rustic Red theme as first picture. Well I wanted to move away from that and go with a neutral cosy theme with brown....Well in the second pic you will notice my new cushions. @ $40 each, they will last us quite a few years. I need to get soem caramel plain ones to match. Our Walls are going to be a colour called Rich Fudge...with White trims...Very FRESH.... . Dark but very rich!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Very Well......

Well Today Glenn had the day off with another migraine....STRESS!! While he was resting, I started getting a bit sick....threw up a few times.....and have had terrible pains all afternoon. So both of us have just managed to look after Luke....Luckily he has been really well bahaved today.

So this will explain why i have been so quiet around the Website.......
I so hope I am not pregnant!! Oh well if I am.....

Chat again tomorrow


Monday, May 08, 2006

What a Great Day

I haven't done a huge amount today. But have done enough to make me feel like I have achieved something. Luke has been really well behaved....Just plays with his cars and his trucks....Has watched Shrek 2 a couple of times. Has had 4 hrs sleep, and will still sleep 12 hrs tonight.

I folded 3 enormous baskets of washing and put them away, changed sheets and washed them too.....Made Lunch for Glenn when he came home....Tidied up around the place.

I am getting the hankering for some scrappin....might spend a bit of time doing that tonight.

Looking forward to Glenn coming home after work, I have really missed him today.
Nic, set us a challenge, to take some photos of i have posted best one out of the lot.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I went to the dirty clothes basket today, and it was full and over flowing again!! Who is wearing all these clothes? I know it isn't me.....Maybe Glenn is being paid by someone to do their washing..??

These floorboards are alot more work than I thought they would be. I seem to be Vaccuming & Washing them 3 times a week. Luke's Knees are a good indication of when they need doing!

Feeling a little blue today....Having one of those days where I could just cry at the drop of a hat...
I really could use a few hours away from Luke....just some 'ME' Time to myself...not baby to worry about. Once all the scraproom is set up, I am sure Glenn will take him for the day, to give me a break.
Glenns dad is coming to visit in 3 weeks and my parents and sister the following week.....So it will be nice to have a bit of other human interaction again. I am sure Glenn is looking forward to seeing his Dad.
My new lounge/sofa bed finally arrived this morning after a few dramas yesterday.
I like it. It is Called Raisin, and it is that microsuede fabric....I am thinking a chocolate suede effects feature wall in the office once when we paint.
Until later,


Thursday, May 04, 2006


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Nicoles Studio

Nicoles Studio

A Great start to the Day....

Well our precious little boy woke at 5.30 am again...he is so special!!
He and I got out of bed at around 6.30 am. I have just put him down for a sleep again (it is 8.20am). He played with his train and his truck very happily until I put him down for a sleep. Such a great baby. I really love being his mum. I have put a load of whites on...Washed the dished, sterilized bottles, checked Gallery out, and i am even blogging. I think I have found myself a new routine. Hope she doesn't mind, but Julie made this awesome OTP gift for her mother-in-law for mothers day. I really like it.
Okay until later

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I think I have worked it all out

I am not sure if I doing this whole Blog thing right. I want to make my name prettier....not sure how....I am sure with time i will work it out.

Well it has been a relaxing day

I must admit I haven't done alot today. Have done a bit of housework and playing with Luke. Have spent a bit of time on the net with Julie and Nicole....other than that I have not done alot.
Glenn is bringing one of his workmates home to have a look at our scrapbook stock. I am hoping i might have found a scrappin' buddy.
Here's hoping!!
I took this pic of Luke this morning he is getting so big now....He is such a little boy and not a baby anymore.