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Friday, June 30, 2006

30% OFF SALE This Saturday Night

We are discounting absolutely Everything This Saturday night but only for 5 hours!! Come and grab yourself a BARGAIN!!!
If you do miss out. We are 20% Off All Day, EVERYDAY!!
So always a great place to get more for your money!

{Plans for My Weekend}

Tomorrow I am honoured to be spending the day scrapping with Michelle Roberts. I will spend a few hours with her & see what creations we can come up with.... Will Post pics on the gallery once finished.

We have our Big Sale again tomorrow night.

Sunday...Glenn is finishing the fence....Woo Hoo!!! Cannot wait to see it all done....Will be watching Luke, so we might go to the Botanic gardens for a walk and play..

Ok, Until Later


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Design Team Call

Please go to Embellished Scrapbook Shoppe for more Information about our Design Team Call.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Winter Chill Kits

Today I am releasing my New Kit called {Winter Chill}. These will be available at Embellished very soon.
The Kit Includes:
*3- 12 x 12 Chatterbox Paper Designs
*3- 12x12 Co-ordinating Bazzill Cardstock
*1- Pkt of Heidi Swapp Ghost Letters (colour may vary depending on stock availability)
*1- 1 Pkt of Heidi Swapp Chipboard Label Holders
*1- Chatterbox Jumbo Letter Stickers
*1- Bazzill Basics Cardstock Accordion Album
Total Value over $35+$5 Postage
Your Price $33
including postage within Australia, email me for international shipping.

Email me if you are interested in a kit

Here is a Layout that I did Last night using some of the papers in the kit

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So excited!!!

{{Okay I have been a little hyperactive this morning}}
We moved 16 places on the Australian Scrapbooking top50 countdown....This was so exciting....!!! We are now ranked 41...WOO HOO!!! We are getting new members each is so encouraging to watch our site grow all the time.....
We are so lucky, we have the best group of girls who visit our site daily....and if i ever won lotto, I would fly you all here and we would have a mega scrap!!! So thankyou to those who visit our site are helping make our dream a reality!!!!
I am so excited to be working closely with {Julie Heard}. She is so talented and we are honored to have her on our team, thankyou Julie!
Another BIG Thankyou to Our Swap Queen {Nicole} !!!!! She has co-ordinated Swaps since the very beginning and has been a great friend and support to us.
We kicked off the 21 Day challenge as inspired by Rhonna Farrer....We have quite a few girls participating and it is starting to be alot of fun. I altered mylittle journal pictured....

We have 2 spots available in our Design Team, so if you are interested click here.

Okay until later


Monday, June 26, 2006

Design Team Call

**Want to be a designer at Embellished?
We are after 2 more Designers for our Team at Embellished Scrapbook Shoppe . So if you think you have what it takes, go to: for more details. We have started a discussion board in the forum too.
Congratulations to {Julie Heard} who has been invited to join our Design Team. Julie has shown her ability to create different styles and uses a wide variety of techniques. Looking forward to working with you Julie!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The 21 Day Challenge

Okay I have a site I would like for you to look at it is Rhonna Farrer's Blog. I am going to start a 21 Day challenge on our site, which is purely a credit to Rhonna's idea.
I really want to get back into walking again. The pounds are finding their way back to my butt and I don't want them there......
When we do something 21 times it becomes a habit. So I am going to aim to start walking again....I started this morning. I dropped 50 flyers and walked a bout 3 kms. I also do not want to eat chocolate in this not only will i improve my fitness, and possibly drop a bit of weight, I will be getting in a routine to walk each day. This will be doing me good and Luke loves being outside.
Thankyou for the inspiration Rhonna....Love your are so Talented.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Do you ever have those days.....

I just want to cry today.....

DH is such a hard worker and no matter what he does it will never be good enough for his boss.....He came home today at lunch, a bit down after a meeting.....It tore my heart out....I know how hard he is working and always improving.....But for some people it will never be enough.
Why do some people get a kick out of putting others down? Why do they enjoy discouraging others? I don't understand!! I have been brought up to encourage and to build up NOT put down others......
DH, I love you & no matter what anyone else may think ....You are the best!! Others are just threatened by you. You always make me proud!!

Just breaks your heart watching others tear down those you love....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All by myself......

For the first time in over three months I am all alone. Nobody with me.....No Lukey, No glenny..... The silence is deafening!! Ever since the day we left Newcastle I have Luke with me everyday & todays marks a big day for him and his mummy.
Luke started Daycare today. He found himself some cars and trucks to play with and didn't even know if i was there or not. I am pretty sure that he will be fine and will justlove playing with the other kids..... I can't help feeling like i am missing something......It is kinda weird not having him around, he is such good company. We play for hours and giggle and have a good day together....but not Tuesdays...this is HIS day and MUMMY"S day to have a break.
Well feeling a bit lost and not knowing what i should do....I am going to make beds and tidy up (something i swore i wasn't going to do today) and then that leaves the rest of the day for ME....Scrapping and organising some more flyers for Luke's Daycare centre......

Okay better get to it....

Monday, June 19, 2006

Why am I awake already???

Had a very restless nights sleep. Luke came in about 2am.....tossed and turned most of the night and was awake at 5am.....tried so gard to get him back to sleep...didn't work. The odd thing is he couldn't sleep last night and went to bed after if anything he should have slept in longer this morning.......Guess who will be having a morning nap with him today....yep you guessed it.
Took some gorgeous pics of Luke yesterday......have done a double layout for this weeks challenge....looks great...just not sure about the paint i did on it....oh well too late now.

Well will catch up a bit later

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a lovely fence!!!

Here are some pics of our fence....the first one is the house with the fence that was here and the other two are the new fence. Looks Great. Going to paint it, but will wait until the fence on the neighbours side is finished.

I Was a bit annoyed at the timber place we bought our wood from. The uy worked out everything we needed based on the measurements I gave him. We ended up with approximately 240 extra palings.....not happy as this equates to $396. Rather than let them go to wast, Dad suggested that We double board them on the front and corner sides. I am glad we did, It gives it a much more private loo. You cannot see into the yard, plus we think it will help with blocking the noise a little bit. The side street fence is just normal palings and the neighbours side will be too, once it is finished.

Well that'll do for a little while


Saturday, June 17, 2006

So much to do.....

I feel that I have completely fallen behind with everything that has to be done......I am drowning...HELP!!!

I have had so many SWAPS to get involved with and i am just so far behind with the whole lot of them...I have let my girls down on Embellished and I feel terrible for it.
I did complete Lorrie's Challenges yesterday, so that is something.......

Luke starts Daycare on Tuesday, So I plan on using that day very effectively...and make myself a list of things that HAVE to be done.

Have been spending a little time this morning trying to work out costs for our Retreat next April....Will spend a fair bit of time with Glenn tonight working it all out. Might treck across to the Holiday Park over the road to take some pics of the cabins and get some more info....

This is my latest Layout design. I took the photos in May of Glenn and Luke and have been wanting to scrap them. I was happy with how it all turned out......

Ok until Later Ali

Friday, June 16, 2006

Published Finally!!!

Well finally I have Scrapbooking Memories in my hot little hand....and my Layout which was accepted in January has been published...YAY!!!! It seemed to take forever. I have just 3 days ago had Snug as a bug accepted and last month had Counting down accepted for Scrapbook Creations. Below is the page in the mag, where My work is. Our first ad for Embellished can also be found on page 157.

Well today is friday as you know. When Luke goes down for a sleep I am cleaning this house!! Have had a few other priorities since the Family left....But the mess is really annoying me!!!

I cleaned the Scraproom up last night....what a mission. Have decided that I need to spend the money on some more paper shelving.....I have 3 large stacks of paper designs that really need sorting.....

Have a great Day!!! Ali x x

Thursday, June 15, 2006

In the Moment......

I did this Layout last night of Luke. I took the photo at the Zoo the other day, while they were feeding the Lorrikeets. He couldn't take his eyes off them. He loves the outdoors and loves animals and birds.

I got the whole Idea from Jen Hall.....She has done some layouts lately using rounded corners and the colours blend came from her fabric kit Sublime...all limes and blues...So thanks for the inspiration Jen.

Have so much to do today....Have so much stock to load onto the shoppe and put away in the studio..... Housework will have to wait until tomorrow, this stuff has to be done. Just have been so busy with visitors for the last two weeks.

Okay until later
Ali x x

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Peace and Quiet......

**Isn't it funny how much you love family coming to stay, but you also enjoy the routine, Peace and quiet of your everyday life too....
I have loved having my Mum, Dad, Sister and nephew up here this week, but for some reason.....Us girls clashed so much more than any other time before. It was sad!!**
**Dad and Glenn did a great job with the fence.....just one side left to do. Will take some pics a bit later and upload them.....Needs the tops trimmed on one side and a lick of paint....but all will be beautiful when finished. **
***I have been wanting to scrap for days...just been hard with family here....first thing i did last night...was sit up on the comfy lounge in the office under a blanky, watched All Saints and scrapped..... The pic above is the finished Layout...... My boy is just so Cute!!!
Ok until Later

Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't take a fence......

Can I say I have the best Husband and father in the world!!

Dad came up from down near Canberra to help us build a fence......Well Three sides makes one very large fence....They have had wrong materials turn up as well as many hurdles.....But by the end of today (sundown), they had almost one whole side done.....I now have a bit of a fence in my yard and it does look really good.....Okay it will look better with a lick of paint...but that is next on the list!

What else is happening???
Mum, Kimberly and I went to the show was a good few hours out of the house. Luke had a ball...Both babies were so very well behaved.
Above is my little guy in the bath tonight....he is so special!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Little Dribbler.....

Well I am a bit excited today....My Mum, Dad, Sister and nephew are coming to stay for a week. I haven't seen them in almost 3 months. I am really going to enjoy having them up long as mum still allows me some time to scrap!!

I have been itching to do a layout in days.....
Last night I did it.... I took some photos of Luke yesterday and in each pic, he has drool coming off his chin....this is a typical picture of my baby boy....he is the worlds biggest dribbler!!!

Well this is just a quick Blog today, as i have a bit to do....

Can I also just mention that I ordered Chatterbox stuff on Friday and it is here today.... Thankyou SCRAPGENIE for your excellent service.

Until a bit later

Monday, June 05, 2006

We cracked it......

One of our goals for 2006 is to reach the top 20 at scrapbookingtop50. Only a matter of weeks ago we were still hovering around 70-80-90.....Last night we did it.....We cracked the top 50.
When i woke up this morning we were ranked 49 and just at this particular moment we are 48.....YAY!!!!

We held our first Cyber Crop on Friday night which was a hit. It wneso smoothly. We all had a blast.Made a couple more Clocks on Saturday night. One for Glenns Dad and one for my mum.

Glenns Dad went home last night. My Mum, Dad and sister arrive tomorrow evening. I am excited to see them all and I haven't seen little Hayden for ages, he is almost 6 months old. Should be a great week. The Town show is on for 3 days this week, so we will go and have a bit of a look.....

Until Later

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What time is it...???

We ran our first Cyber Crop on Embellished Last night. It was so much fun. Lorrie did a great job with organising it. So Thanks LOZZA if you read this.
We had three challenges to complete by 5pm Tomorrow. I have completed 2. One was a sketch challenge and the other was to alter a CD. Below is what I came up with.

I have had a really lazy day today...other than looking after Luke, I haven't done much at all.
We went to Sizzler for dinner tonight, which was nice. Glenns dad goes home tomorrow and then my Mum, Dad, Sidter and Nephew all come up for a week on Tuesday....So it is a busy couple of weeks here.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another day....Yay it is Thursday!!!
Have had Glenn's Dad, Ted here all week. It is really good to catch up with him. He is really enjoying being with Luke. I am going to drop them at the zoo this afternoon and let them spend some granfather/grandson time together. It will also give me the chance to do some things around the house...I am going to vacuum and mop....normally do it on Fridays, but it really needs doing.

Got some great news yesterday. I got my second acceptance for publication for one of my Layouts. This one will be published in Scrapbook creations.
Only another 2 weeks and Scrapbooking memories comes first published Layout is in there and the start of our ads for the shoppe also.

Haven't scrapped in a couple of days...really getting the urge now...Glenn and i are taking a trip to Bunnings to work out what we need for the fence....We really have to get it ordered in the coming days....Mum and Dad will be here on Tuesday and The boys really need to start the fence.
Well Can i say a big Congrats to Julie.....Day 10 today.....She isn't a smoker anymore...YAY!!!!

Okay chat later.