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Monday, January 01, 2007

NEW Blog address....WE HAVE MOVED!!!

We have moved....
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Layout share for the last week or so!

These first five are from our January Kit 'Summer Breeze' which will be available from January 1st!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Friends, CS cowboys and some scrapping materials...What a great afternoon!!!

Well I must say I had a great afternoon yesterday. Ang (AngC) came over to play and we drank CS cowboys, ate trifle, and was so much fun!

Can I just say that Ang makes the yummiest trifle!!! It meets the standards of my mums and now that is saying something! YUMMO!!!

I managed to scrap 2 layouts while Ang was here and also did another after her and Noel left. This makes it 8 for the last week...YAY I have got my motivation back!! Life has settled down ALOT now, so will definately finding more time to scrap and plan classes for next year.
Here are 2 of the LO's I did yesterday! Thanks Ang for a great day!!


Monday, December 25, 2006

A relaxing Christmas day!!

Where to start....
Have been flat out working and entertaining guests since my last post. Glenn's dad left on Wednesday. It was so good having him here. We realised how much he is missed. Him and Luke had a great time together.
Worked Thursday and Friday all day. We decided to re-arrange the house yesterday. Moved the office into what was Luke's bedroom and moved his room out to where the office was...much bigger the aim this week while Glenn is off work is to paint and re-decorate and set-up his room. We have decided that this year our aim is to re-sand, stain and seal all the floors in the house....starting with Luke's new room....but that may be a few weeks down the track...a weekend job!
Steven left yesterday to go back to Shepparton to be with Julie and the kids for Christmas. They are moving here in the first week of January, so not long now!!! Hurry Up Playmate!!!
Last night Luke started getting fevers...we asked him where it hurts and he kept holding his after a battle...i got to feel him gums and YEP...there is a molar coming through...poor bubba. He has never had problems teething and always advanced with his teeth....his bottom 2 yr old molars came through and i didn't even know.....So today for Christmas day he was a little under the weather and a bit sooky la-la for his mummy.....
We spent the lunch time with Angela, Noel and Ang's dad for Christmas day lunch. We headed up to the Botanic gardens and let Luke have a play on the playground....was laid back, relaxing and really nice to not have the pressures of a formal lunch! thinking this might become our Russell family christmas traditional lunch....just casual and a bit of fun!
Well here is two Layouts i have done of Luke this week...have actually done 5...but you will have to wait to see those

Merry christmas to you all....
chat soon
Ali x

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Day ~Part 1

Glenn's dad arrived from Newcastle yesterday. We decided that while he was here (until Wednesday) we would celebrate our 'proper' christmas with hime. Will go more into detail tomorrow, but here is a few picks from our Fantastic day!!!

5 Things I am thankful for today:

1. Family

2. Glenn's Dad~ Always so supportive of us and our decisions we make & a great poppy to Luke!!!

3. Christmas time, that we all come together

4. Luke's laughter

5. that I have done all my Christmas shopping~ no more fighting the crowds

Ali x x

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Tribute to Craig

I have been wanting to scrap for the whole time I have been back. I wanted to do a Layout as a tribute to my Cousin Craig, who has not long passed away.

Never before have I wanted to do something so right and perfect, and I am still not sure that it meets either criteria...but it is from me and the hidden journaling says what I want to say to him. I must add that I have never cried so much doing a layout before either...but I know this in some way or another is helping me deal with him being out of our lives.
So 'CUZ' this is for you, Love you always x x x

5 Things I am Thankful for:

1. Life

2. Rain

3.Spending time with family

4. Friendships New & Old

5. That we found our dog 'Paddy'

Friday, December 08, 2006

Our Puppy is home....

Some of you may know that our Dog 'Padme`' AKA 'Paddy' got out of the yard on Saturday afternoon. We have put posters up...rang the vets the pund countless times......and yesterday afternoon just thought I would check the pound website again...and what do you and white X breed female.....hmmmm...this dog sounds familiar. I rang them straight away and explained that she had a very distinguishing marking on her back (shaped like the map of Australia) was her....*First thing this morning (7am) we trecked down to the pound and got her out....naughty's hoping she won't get out again anytime soon.

Well I haven't had much time to scrap in the last few weeks with all that has happened. but I have had to get some class stuff organised for my final classes for the year. I have been teaching an 8 week 9x9 album class. We have one class left and that is to cover the albums and decorate the front. Here is my sample for the class.

Anyways hoping to do some scrapping today. Am home as spots appeared on Luke 2 days ago. Daycare refuses to take him, So I have missed work for 2 days running....Sorry Noel!! (my Boss). Took him back to the Dr yesterday to be sure...and he said we wouldn't know if it is chicken pox for a least another 24 hrs......Well the spots have faded a little will have to keep an eye on him.... Working Sunday , so that should be good. I am really enjoying my job at the warehouse. It is good to meet new people and I love customer service...

Anyways have a GREAT day and remember to tell your loved ones...YOU LOVE THEM!!!

Chat soon Ali x